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Management Expertise in the Television Broadcast Industry


McKeown Consulting helps vendors striving to gain market share in the television broadcast industry.

Success in television broadcast requires a thorough understanding of the industry and established relationships with the people in the industry including:

    dataiconRelationships with potential customers

    dataiconDetailed knowledge of customer requirements

    dataiconThorough assessment of competitors

    dataiconPartnerships with other vendors

McKeown Consulting applies years of experience and extensive knowledge and contacts in the television broadcast industry to improve your market strategy and position.

Please browse this web site to learn how McKeown Consulting can help you:

    dataiconSuccessfully meet customer and business requirements

    dataiconAccurately define project and product requirements

    dataiconConduct industry and market research

    dataiconAchieve project goals and schedules

    dataiconEstablish and sustain a corporate presence in the US

    dataiconMaintain a presence on industry standards committees

    dataiconEstablish and manage a presence at industry trade shows

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