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Management Expertise in the Television Broadcast Industry


McKeown Consulting has extensive experience in project management.  Kellie McKeown has successfully managed software development including TiVo's first deployment on a cable network, audio systems for Avid's Digidesign, satellite broadcast facility control systems for Sony, oversight for the development of a software control application for a highly-distributed video router system for Comcast as well as space hardware development for NASA. 

Kellie McKeown has managed projects ranging from:

  $200K to $120M
  A few months to many years
  Individual effort to managing a team of 90 people

Contact McKeown Consulting to learn more about how we can help you ensure the success of your projects by:

  Accurately defining project and customer requirements
  Establishing and implementing phased project schedules to meet customer and product requirements within deadlines
  Forming and managing project teams to successfully complete projects

ASkyB Broadcast Control Center

Glovebox and Astronaut on Space Station

Kellie McKeown managed software development projects for Sony for satellite television uplink facilities, including the one shown above.

Kellie McKeown managed space hardware projects for NASA, including development of a glovebox for the Space Station such as the one shown above.

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