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US Presence


Management Expertise in the Television Broadcast Industry


Is your company outside the US and you want to establish a presence in the US broadcast industry? McKeown Consulting can help.  We have successfully provided a US presence for both small and large companies, including:

  Identifying potential customers and partners in the US and establishing and maintaining a relationship with them
  Defining relevant US television broadcast industry and customer requirements and trends
  Providing a physical presence in the US by meeting with customers and partners, and attending conferences, industry meetings and trade shows
  Providing a virtual office for our clients by being the point of contact in the US to our clients' customers and partners

McKeown Consulting representation in the US can help you easily expand your presence in the broadcast industry.

Kellie McKeown with European client

Kellie McKeown has a "great personal network in the US broadcast industry. With product groups centered in Europe, it would have meant a lot more time for us trying to understand the US perspective on the topics we were interested in without Kellie's help."

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