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Management Expertise in the Television Broadcast Industry


McKeown Consulting managed the successful TV-Anytime Forum presence at several NAB (National Association of Broadcaster) and IBC (International Broadcast Convention) trade shows including:

  Conceptualizing, designing, and implementing the exhibits
  Managing TV-Anytime Forum member participation in the exhibits
  Managing all financial and contractual aspects of the exhibits
  Identifying, designing, producing and distributing marketing collateral, including TV-Anytime Forum brochures, press releases, and press packs
  Contacting members of the Press and managing TV-Anytime Forum press conference
  Managing TV-Anytime Forum reception for the press, content providers, television and cable broadcasters, and manufacturers
  Maintaining a public relations presence at all times during the shows

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Exhibit managed by Kellie McKeown at NAB 2000
Exhibit managed by Kellie McKeown at IBC 2000

TV-Anytime Forum exhibit at NAB

TV-Anytime Forum exhibit at IBC

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