McKeown Consulting



Excellent Manager


Management Expertise in the Television Broadcast Industry


Kellie McKeown:

  "can be given a brief and relied upon to carry it out, to generate ideas, make relevant decisions, harness the energy of herself and others, and develop the key relationships necessary to turn those ideas into reality."
  is "someone who will listen to needs, research those needs and develop a business program or action plan that will fulfill the projects needs."
  "emphasizes detailed planning then doing what it takes to meet the plan.  Emphasizes good communications in all directions (upward, downward, and cross-functional)."
  has the "ability to negotiate at all levels and with many different categories of people to achieve desired objectives. Her best quality is a keenness to listen and praise others, gain confidence and respect in her many and varied capabilities.  In short she is a pleasure to work with."
  is "able to look at both sides of an issue, and make constructive, unbiased suggestions to bring two parties together."
  has the "ability to keep us grounded and focused on the issues at hand."
  "realizes the importance (and art) of managing customer expectations."
  "captures details of highly technical requirements, whether for requirements analysis, contract terms, software development projects, punch lists, etc.  A key benefit was the exceptionally complete and accurate account of communications between clients and vendors.  And the fact that these accountings were placed in context of the overall project (rather than just presented as facts that stood alone.)"

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