McKeown Consulting





Management Expertise in the Television Broadcast Industry


Kellie McKeown is:

  "a very hard working and focused individual who is sensitive to the needs of the organization and any tasks that are required to deliver the missions and goals required."
  "very knowledgeable of the industry, bright, confident, tough as required, honest, focused."
  "committed.  Everything Kellie takes on is delivered thoroughly, professionally and with assurance.  It's a great feeling to know that her responsibilities to a project, to an organization, or to an individual are iron clad.  When she takes it on, the results will be impressive."
  "intelligent, knowledgeable, demonstrated a willingness to go above and beyond the call."
  "a very professional, hard driving, get the job done person.  Excellent with response and feed back."
  "intelligent, reliable, capable, good customer relations skills."
  "professional, competent, good communications, good project management skills."
  a "take charge personality and ability to organize and coordinate small to large efforts to their conclusion."
  "competent, energetic, easily able to form working relationships, and able to use those relationships to achieve both agreed and personal goals."
  "professional in every sense of the word.  She understands concepts and comes up with good alternatives for improving efficiency."
  a "take-charge, energetic professional."

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