McKeown Consulting





Management Expertise in the Television Broadcast Industry


Kellie McKeown provides:

  "consulting services on a wide range of topics, specifically related to the broadcast industry.  Areas of expertise would be how to employ broadcast technology in the digital age."
  "knowledge of the TV industry seems to be deep and a valuable resource to those who require objectivity and strategic direction."
  "clear analysis and feedback that was timely and the info I needed (whether I knew I needed it or not). All info gathering and reports were thorough and honest interpretations, with no bias (i.e. if she didn't think it was worthwhile for her to be paid to do something she said so)."
  "close oversight of the development and integration status, as well as the ability to understand the implications of software issues/changes, and communicate these clearly to all involved."

McKeown Consulting, established in 1998.  All rights reserved.