McKeown Consulting





Management Expertise in the Television Broadcast Industry


Kellie McKeown is recommended for:

  "large, multidisciplinary tasks which have an element of risk, the pressure of time, the need to understand detail, and the need to motivate and manage."
  "tasks that require a top down look at a complicated problem. Her ability to see the big picture and break it down and bring together the necessary people to attack each area means she is highly suited for jobs that require a highly organized efficient operation."
  "anything that exploits her extraordinary skills to manage large projects, or for any high technology assignment that requires close attention to detail."
  "any process type of engagement, work flow analysis and or project management regardless of the industry/market."
  "research, development of business plans, oversee implementation of a plan she developed or a plan developed by someone else, project management."
  "helping a manufacturer define product functions (product management), or a development team in assessing and recommending standards-related activities, or in a management /planning function."
  "tasks that require someone to attack a project already in progress that requires direction or management and hitting the ground running. She is a real team worker who integrates well into existing structures and can develop a good rapport with potentially sensitive groups and lead if required by developing respect of her abilities. She is skilled at identifying problem areas and suggesting solutions and mixes a sound technical knowledge with a knack for innovation and creativity if relevant."

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